Projects are deployed rapidly thanks to Aspire’s decentralized management approach 

Will they cut costs? Will there be more red tape in getting problems fixed? Will my account manager have time to assist me?   

These are all valid concerns when a company is acquired by a larger entity. However, Aspire Software is not just a faceless corporation seeking to up a company’s value, only to re-sell it. In fact, Aspire’s mission in acquiring companies is to provide a platform for sustainable growth, while staying true to the company’s client base.  

What this means for Interdev and our clients

Superior tools now available for Interdev’s team  

Aspire equips their companies with advanced tools to ensure they can develop and grow at a far quicker paceJira for example, is now available to our team, which is a tool made for agile software development teams to plan, track and release software projects. This ensures that bugs are detected quicker and new releases run smoothly.

To manage customers and bring on new clients more efficiently, Interdev now has access to Salesforce, a world-class CRM system which will help us serve clients more efficiently.   

Finally, Interdev will aim to increase customer satisfaction using proven methods that reduce issues for the customer and ensure consistency in problem solving and customer satisfaction:

Sales & Marketing: our sales and marketing team will implement a more organized and structured process. With Aspire, we’re able to gather information on best practices that have been implemented across other companies. This includes learning new tools, how to satisfy customers and provide career growth opportunities for employees.

UI and UX specialists on hand: Thanks to Aspire Labs, a collaborative environment where developers can share ideas, Interdev will have software specialists on demand to assist with complex development projects. When extra funding is needed or more hands on deck, Interdev will have it, with Aspire’s resources and experts.

Disciplined development methodology: In our exchange of ideas with Aspire, we have come to a more disciplined method of development, by means of prioritizing projects based on customers’ growing needs. Aspire has also shared valuable key performance indicators and metrics that have been proven to increase productivity and development speed across 10 other companies.

What is Aspire’s mission? 

Aspire’s goal in acquiring companies is always to reinvest in them and grow. Rather than investors looking to make a quick buck, Aspire is run by entrepreneurs and business builders, who seek like-minded businesses.  

Among the qualities Aspire looks for in a company are: 

-mature companies 

-market leaders in their respective industry 

-passionate employees 

-devoted customer base

Interdev’s relentless focus on supporting clients and developing leading technologies is exactly why Aspire sought to add Interdev to its portfolio. 

Aspire understands that companies built their reputations for a reason. That’s why Aspire does not get involved in day-to-day operations, leaving it to the ones who know their customers the best. 

“Aspire will retain your company’s DNA,” says Jeffrey Messud, Aspire’s regional director in the Asia/Pacific region. “They acquire businesses that have a long history and key knowledge about their market and customers. Aspire has a strong focus to retain this spirit and local expertise.” 

Valsoft Corp owns over 30 companies across 17 verticals, with 10 of those companies operating under the Aspire group. Acquiring Interdev brought Aspire into the emergency services sector, adding to their portfolio ranging from: car rental, recreational, logistics, hospitality, food & beverage, and workforce management.   

Decentralized management structure ensures companies maintain day-to-day control 

Part of what made Aspire an attractive buyer to Interdev was their decentralized approach to management. Aspire holds companies all over the globe, while leaving the day-to-day operations to those who know the business and its customers best.  

This ensures that: 

– Customer support runs with no delay 

– Projects are completed as soon as possible 

– Companies get the resources they need to develop technology faster  

Aspire’s companies have seen sustained growth due to the businesses being left in the hands of its passionate employees.  

Take for example, InnQuest Software, who were acquired back in 2016. Working under Aspire not only brought the company sustained growth, but their employees were given opportunities to work their way up the company ladder. And the faces customers see at the top are the same people they had worked with for years. 

“I think Aspire proved with its vision for InnQuest that their goal is to grow companies when taking over, while staying true to the product and the client base,” says Kent Howard, President of InnQuest Software.  

InnQuest’s Director of Resource and Development, Christy Carnley, also noticed how Aspire’s intentions were clear from the get-go in that InnQuest would be run from its own headquarters and employees would be given the tools they needed to grow. 

From the moment we met the ownership group, they made it clear that we wouldn’t see them every day,” says Carnley. “We were given the resources we needed and the autonomy to execute our vision.”

More resources while staying true to our customers

Simply put, Interdev’s working with Aspire will mean access to more resources. It also means that Interdev’s passionate team will continue working with our devoted customer base. Aspire has provided the software specialists we needed to complete projects quicker, while Interdev’s management is left in the hands of our experts who work with clients every day. And that team of experts is growing internally here at Interdev.

We recently welcomed Matt McKimm on board as Director of Sales and Marketing. Matt is well known in the emergency services sector and understands the evolving needs of the industry. He’s also previously worked for Interdev, which allows him to come in with an immediate understanding of what our customers need. 

Our support team is here to support our customers and our development team remains hard at work in executing projects. In essence, it’s business as usual at Interdev.  

In the coming months, Interdev’s focus will be on further growing our team and investing in new technologies to ensure our clients remain satisfied.