Tools for collaborative, patient-centric service

Reduce Calls

With patient data easily available and trackable over time, paramedics mitigate 911 call volumes by referring patients to more appropriate services.

Equip Paramedics

Client files, referrals, diagnostics, upcoming appointments and visit details are easily accessible, so medics get a full picture of each visit.

Improve Communication

Connectivity with other organizations and healthcare services makes it easy to view previous notes, document trends and make referrals.

“Radius is a collaborative platform for our Community Paramedic team to document interactions with a diverse group of patients and their constantly evolving needs. Expanding integration points allow Grey County Paramedics to interact with a growing group of other agencies with the same goals.”

Kevin McNab Grey County Paramedic Services

Help patients find the right type of care quickly

Track trends over time, view each patient’s history, and share data across different agencies to simplify referrals and reduce 911 call volumes. RadiusEMR integrates with iMedic, allowing users to receive notifications if a patient in their community paramedicine program calls 911.


RadiusEMR keeps paramedics connected to the healthcare community

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