Efficiency through technology

Evidence-Based Decisions

Precise, impactful data empowers you to allocate resources more effectively, saving precious time and money.

Meaningful Data

Interdev Analytics generates data you’d never even think to look up, then marries it with other influential factors to make accurate projections.

Efficient Planning

Integrated data provides a broad view of your team’s performance and makes it easy to plan for long or short-term goals.

“We felt that Interdev offered us a greater opportunity to see our data live, see it in real time, and have it validated and consistently performing at a level where we could pass that on with confidence.”

Sarah Page Chief of Paramedic Services, Norfolk County

Software that acts like your personal operations consultant

As it collects data from paramedics, patients, healthcare organizations and communities, Interdev Analytics generates invaluable information for your reporting and planning processes. Visualize data in intuitive ways and leverage it for virtually any purpose.


Get data from multiple sources for a comprehensive view of performance

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Proud to serve paramedics everywhere, whether they’re in cities, remote locales or halfway across the globe.

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