Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCR)

The core of our software suite, iMedic provides an intuitive interface for unbelievably easy data entry, access to record databases, and integration with key medical platforms.

Records Management

Known for its ease of use, mDocs makes records management a breeze with its clean interface and customizability. Configure for your process and easily find the data you need.

Mobile Data Terminal

With data integration, CADLink gives paramedic services the power to cut response times significantly. View dispatched call information as soon as it’s up, find faster routes and more.

Credential Management and e-Learning

Certn means you’ll never get caught off guard by a license expiration date. See digitized credentials, get notifications about upcoming expiries, and connect with Moodle for training.

Community Paramedicine EMR

RadiusEMR is built to help community paramedicine emergency medical responders communicate effectively. A smooth data flow keeps medical services, agencies and patients connected.

All-Encompassing Analytics

Every Interdev Technologies solution, along with other healthcare systems and data sources, links up with Interdev Analytics to help you visualize data, interpret it and turn it into actionable strategies.