The pervasive threat and reality of COVID-19 has fuelled uncertainty in almost every facet of our lives. 

The economic, health and medical ramifications for the world have been extreme.

The way ahead continues to challenge governments, scientists, the medical profession, the business world, communities, and individuals.

Medical services and personnel at the forefront of the battle have an onerous responsibility for the treatment and care of those who succumb to COVID-19, while protecting their own safety.

In addition to protocols and equipment for protection, accurate data is also a priority.

Reliable, detailed information is essential to inform decisions, strategies, and planning to deliver optimum outcomes.

Real-time data can revolutionise the care and support delivered by first responders and ultimately health and emergency networks.

Comprehensive on-screen information for emergency services can forearm first responders en route and enable properly targeted assistance. It can also advance effective deployment of resources and allow for more efficient treatment when information is relayed to hospitals and emergency departments from responders in the field.

As emergency services are often the first on scene and the primary source of creditable and detailed on-site intelligence, the data collated becomes vital for managing and seeking to combat a health crisis as ubiquitous as a pandemic.

Timely collation of raw statistics during, or in the aftermath of an event, serves to support managers, executives, and governments to appraise and adjust actions and strategic goals to greater effect.

Reliable data, with pre-determined parameters, efficiently processed and analysed can transform services’ capacity to react and contribute significantly to broader care and health objectives from a pandemic crisis such as COVID-19 to a catastrophic accident.

Data can serve as a preventative measure to protect first responders attending call outs where their lives may be in jeopardy.

Live information enables first responders to provide targeted emergency assistance.

Data relayed to hospitals and emergency departments from responders in the field assists with advance deployment of resources to aid efficient treatment.

Any crisis can unfold quickly and unexpectedly. Individual cases can rapidly form a pattern and large-scale disasters demand particularised information. Easy access to this critical detail can generate an overview to better command and administer any event, and may even save lives.

Interdev Technologies’ ground-breaking suite of products have been developed in response to the complex demands of emergency services to deliver data that matters, when and where it is needed. 

Working with emergency services, Interdev has seen how data gathered and communicated using our products, has transformed services’ capacity to react and contribute significantly to broader care and medical objectives especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our data solutions have provided a degree of certainty in very uncertain times.

Performance in a crisis

Fighting COVID with data | medical reporting software

The onset of the pandemic put our solutions to the test and created a forum to demonstrate our capacity to develop and deliver outstanding medical reporting software. We worked around the clock with our clients to promptly adapt what we could offer to meet their emerging and urgent demands.

Interdev collaborated with Ontario’s Ministry of Health, paramedic services, communication centres and health sector stakeholders to deliver an exceptional outcome so that critical data could be captured and dispatched in real time.

For example, services incorporated COVID-19 triage into criteria for Ambulance Communications Officers (ACOs) to enable preliminary identification of potential cases, which has implications for first responders, patients, and the broader health system and community.

Flagging potential COVID-19 cases and forewarning paramedics of the need for full PPE at the dispatch stage sets the data collection in motion.

The data has also been used to identify potential clusters of patients infected with the virus, providing another element in the armoury to battle the spread of the pandemic.

Paramedics’ devices were linked to access patient-authorized test results from doctors or other medical services – an important service for patients and a boon for all services in the sequential care of those diagnosed with COVID-19.

World class medical reporting software, with state-of-the-art tools, is an integral part of the campaign to save lives amid a pandemic, and every other day.

The Interdev Technologies team is fortunate to play a role in supporting emergency services personnel as they provide exceptional treatment, care and assistance when we need it most. We extend our thanks for their professional and personal commitment. #staysafe