When we say integration, we do mean the entire Interdev Technologies suite is closely interlinked — but it’s more than that. 

The software suite also integrates with other platforms, equipment and systems to keep your data up-to-date with a constant stream of real-time information.

Here are a few key integration points to Interdev Technologies software.

Medical Equipment

Data from defibrillators and hospital monitors populates automatically in iMedic. Paramedics can choose relevant data to include in an ePCR.

Emergency Response Vehicles

CADLink displays information such as vehicle speed and engine heat, as well as automatic routing and traffic updates.

Call History

iMedic and RadiusEMR pull in a patient’s call history so paramedics can view past issues and procedures.


Quick-Pix, a feature of iMedic, shows a database of procedures based on the primary issue indicated by the medic.

Fast Reports

mDocs lets you pull ePCR and other data to create reports, making it that much easier to respond to audits and reviews.

Easy Analysis

All that information is pulled into the Analytics suite, giving managers a bird’s-eye view of operations.

Integration makes several aspects of your operations exponentially more valuable. It reduces redundancy, helps paramedics respond and make decisions faster, and lets users leverage data from multiple sources in one place.

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