Event Date May 26, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location Online webinar

Hot off the press!

Randy Mellow will share the dashboard he built using our Data on Tap (DoT) reporting application. Topical issues: COVID-19 activity, the ‘echo pandemic’ and traumatic calls with the potential of causing PTSI.

Don Oettinger will share the dashboard developed to align with the National and Ontario-based KPIs.

Finally, our trainer Garrie Wright will provide an orientation on DoT Viewer, so that you can build your own dashboard and share it within your organization and with other iMedic clients.

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Our Speakers

Randy Mellow Chief of Peterborough County / City Paramedics Service and the President of the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada
Don Oettinger Deputy Chief of Peterborough County / City Paramedics Service, Professional Standards
Garrie Wright Deputy Chief (ret.) of Toronto Paramedic Services, Consultant for Interdev Technologies