Interdev Technologies has appointed Karen Murphy as our new Sales Coordinator.

Karen is joining Interdev with vast experience in project management in the private technology sector, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Her background includes a long career in the telecommunications industry (ACT & PGi), as well as property management (Minto) and most recently pharmaceuticals.

Over her long, diverse career, she has served in many roles, including project manager, training and documentation specialist, quality assurance, process management and IT service management using the ITIL framework (problem, incident & request management). She has a passion and skill set for organization and standardization. 

“I am very excited to join the Interdev family,” says Karen. “I feel that my experience with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Conference Coordination and Project Management will serve me well in the position of Sales Coordinator with Interdev and complement this stellar team.”

On a personal level, Karen is a personable individual who brings the perfect balance of getting the job done and having fun at work. Hailing from Merrickville, a small town outside of Ottawa, she feels her home life prepares her well for work, and vice versa. “I am a mother of three boys, which I feel makes me a pro at multitasking and negotiations!”

For all your needs, including for hardware purchases, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Karen at 

Interdev Technologies continues investing in team, resources

Interdev is committed to investing in new technologies as well as having the right people and skill set to bring value to our long-term partners. We firmly believe that under Karen’s direction, our partners will be directed to the solutions that are best suited for their practice and get the most out of our technologies all the while receiving the meticulous and undivided attention they deserve. Our recent hires, Karen as Sales Coordinator, Michelle Mouratidis as Senior Manager of Products & Projects and Matt McKimm as Director of Sales & Marketing will ensure Interdev continues serving our partners with the personal touch they’ve come to expect over the years.